Mark Cerny explains the PlayStation 4’s origins at Gamelab 2013

Mark Cerny, the lead architect for Sony’s PlayStation 4 recently gave a lecture at Gamelab 2013 at the European Game Conference in Barcelona, Spain. At the Gamelab conference Cerny goes into detail about his history in the gaming industry explaining how, where, and when he started. He reminisces about the companies he’s worked at including Crystal Dynamics and the problems he encountered during the development process of creating games. Cerny also goes on to explain his first encounters with Sony,¬†Shuhei Yoshida, and the new experimental hardware they were creating called the PlayStation. Cerny then goes on to talk about how he ultimately ended up working on the graphics engine for the PlayStation 2, the challenges encountered with the Cell processor in the PlayStation 3, and how his background and dedication to the industry led him to becoming lead architect of the PlayStation 4. A word of warning: the video gets a little technical near the end as Cerny goes deep into the technical specs of the PlayStation 4. Don’t worry though, after watching it myself, I understood enough of what it took to make the system work and how the PlayStation 4 architecture should drive down development time.





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