Saints Row IV’s Independence Day trailer makes me shed tears of joy

The first time Sean and I ever played Saints Row IV, we were consumed with delight. But we realize of course that not everyone shares our enthusiasm… yet.

I think when I finally saw Saints Row IV in the flesh, the design decisions Volition made with the game leaned more towards to parody gaming in general rather than just parody the Saints Row franchise as a whole. The choice of Keith David, after having his character be completely written off in the first Saints Row, to play as Keith David is a sign of Volition’s dedication to make something that was completely off the wall and balls to the wall at the same time.

Speaking of Keith David, he’s featured in this brand new trailer for Saints Row IV which reminds me much of his role as Colonel Anderson from the Mass Effect series. Coincidence? I think Volition’s got our number. Saints Row IV shows up on store shelves on August 20th, complete with the Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition.

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