Skullgirls panel at EVO2K13: PC version to be released on August 22

At a panel held recently at EVO2K13, LabZero revealed the release date for the PC version of the game which will be released on August 22nd. They also added that the PC version will be getting updates before the console versions. When asked about what would happen to the beta, it was mentioned that it would continue with frequent updates from Mike Z, the lead designer of Skullgirls. This was announced after a string of showcases that included thanking the fans and supporters of the title by delivering a slick new trailer for the game. In addition, they showed rough footage of their next DLC character, Big Band. Creative Director Alex Ahad talked about the challenges of making a character that is essentially a robot and revealed several illustrations of his potential attacks – all of which were themed from musical instruments.

During the Q&A, I asked what will happen once all the IndieGogo rewards are delivered. Alex Ahad responded that he’d like to go to a traditional publishing format. Then a Big Band cosplayer interrupted the panel. It was pretty cool.

When asked about a potential Vita version, they acknowledged that there is interest, and they may pursue it.

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