The beauty of the PlayStation 4 console, the gadget website released a new video showing how beautiful the PlayStation 4 console looks. The video gives a very up close and personal look at Sony’s new hardware going over every inch of the unit. Viewers can see the vent setup on the back of the console, the HDMI port, Digital Out (Optical) port, the LAN and AUX port on the back of the console. There are two USB 2.0 ports on the front sitting across from the internal Blu-ray Disc drive. The video also shows a close up of the new controller as well. I got to play with the PlayStation 4 controller at E3 and it feels good holding it in the hand. My thumbs didn’t feel like they would slip off the thumb sticks, so it’s definitely nothing like the PlayStation 3 controller.

I still have the original 60GB PlayStation 3 console and, in comparison, the PlayStation 4 console just looks better. It’s not as large or as bulky and is just more pleasing to the eye. As the PlayStation 3 Slim is smaller than the original PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 console is just a little smaller than the PlayStation 3 Slim.

Watching this video, it’s easy to see how well built, sleek, and sexy the new PlayStation 4 console looks. I just can’t wait to get mine and take close up pictures of it. Of course I’ll be playing games on it as well just as soon as I build a solid gold pedestal to place it on.



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