Capcom at EVO2K13: Five new characters, Early 2014 release

A packed, standing room only crowd eagerly awaited Capcom’s panel at EVO2K13. Rumors swirled that they would reveal concrete information about the next update for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. After introductions of the panelists, a funny video starring Yoshinori Ono as M. Bison played, showing life at Capcom, after which we got right into the meat of things. There was a patch released for Darkstalkers yesterday, and they also announced a partnership with the World Cyber Games to feature Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Also, Capcom is sponsoring a new tournament series called Capcom Cup in December. It will be invite only, and the winner of EVO2K13 will be entrant number one.

The panel moved to balance announcements for the next update to Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. They confirm that all unblockables are being looked at.

As far as actual balance changes go, Capcom went over the following:

  • Chun Li
    • HP increased to 950
    • Her EX Fireball now knockdowns on hit, which opens up even more combo options in the corner.
    • The EX Hazanshu, or flip kick, now causes armor break.
    • Finally, Down-Forward light kick is an anti air move now.
  • Yang
    • He has been sped up, with faster attacks and walk speed.
    • His jumping Medium Kick now has better crossup as well.
  • Ibuki
    • Her EX Kazegiri, or uppercut kick, is more invincible, allowing it to be used as wakeup.
    • The Tsumuji will have a larger hitbox to prevent it from missing.
    • Finally, only the EX Neckbreaker will knockdown, not the regular neckbreaker.
  • E. Honda
    • His Ultra 2 now has a longer range, and his Ultra 1 will have a shorter startup time.
    • His forward jump Medium Punch has been improved as well.
  • Balrog
    • His Ultra 2, Dirty Bull, now has a longer range.
    • His Buffalo Head has reduced recovery.
    • Also, the Turn Punch charges to high levels faster.
  • Dudley
    • The Short Swing Blow is now throw immune.
    • All Target Combo damages are up.
    • He now has a larger hitbox on most attacks.
  • Ken
    • His sweep is now faster.
    • He now has faster walk speed.
    • He gets higher damage on Ultra 1 when the animation does not play.
  • Vega
    • His low Jab now causes more Hitstun, making it easier to combo from.
    • His Ultras will now start up faster.
  • T. Hawk
    • Crouching Medium Kick can now be special cancelled.
    • He now has a faster walk speed.
    • Also, Ultra 2 now has longer range.
  • Cammy
    • The Cannon Strike can be done lower to ground, but she will suffer a damage and stun reduction on heavy attacks.
  • Fei Long
    • His Rekkas’ range is nerfed.
    • Crouching Light Kick is slower, so he cannot use it to beat tick throws.
  • Dee Jay
    • If his Hard Punch counter hits a jumping opponent, he gets a juggle combo.

But there were more announcements than just the balance patch. 5 new characters were announced, 4 of them coming from Street Fighter x Tekken: Poison, Hugo, Elena, and Rolento. One other fighter is to be revealed, and will be brand new to the Street Fighter franchise.

Other additions include 6 new stages and undisclosed new modes and content. The game will be $14.99 or $39.99 for a standalone release. This retail release will include all previously released costumes on disc.

The release window is currently set for Early 2014, and if you preorder, you’ll receive bonus costumes for the new characters, designed by Udon Entertainment. An arcade version will be released in Japan with Nesica support. The game’s new title will be revealed just before the EVO2K13 Grand Finals.

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