The Return of Roundhouse Roundup: EVO2K13 Day One

Several years ago before Gamer Horizon ever came to being, I discovered Ted’s video series through a mutual friend. The series was called Roundhouse Roundup: a series where he talks about the latest and greatest fighting games, upcoming fighting game events, and lots of other fighting game community related items. His articulate way of describing the genre and each of its games was captivating, so I had set up a meeting with him and took him onboard on a previous project. Since then, Roundhouse Roundup has been a figment of the past, almost of an era of videos long gone… or is it?

I’m happy to announce that Ted has returned to his roots for a special edition of Roundhouse Roundup for EVO2K13. This new series will detail what he’s seen, as both a competitor and member of the press, on the floor itself. It’s meant to complement all the posts he’s been doing on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter this weekend, and we hope that this glimpse of what it means to be at EVO2K13 allows you to live the experience vicariously through Ted.

Without any further ado, here’s the man himself and a brand spanking new edition of Roundhouse Roundup!

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