Xbox One gets booed at Evo 2013 over Killer Instinct exclusive

The Xbox One gets booed as¬†representatives from Double Helix and Mad Catz walked out on stage at EVO2K13 last weekend and were surprised. The night started off rough when Double Helix showed off Killer Instinct to mixed reactions. It all went downhill from there when Markman from Mad Catz walked out on stage with the company’s branded controllers around his neck and Filthy Rich from Double Helix’s mic not working. The two were forced to share one mic when the Mad Catz rep mentioned the partnership with Double Helix, a new Killer Instinct branded fighting controller, and that Killer Instinct is an Xbox One exclusive. The crowd immediately lost it, booing the news and presumably the Xbox One for 30 seconds straight.

It’s not everyday that the Xbox One gets booed. It’s clear that gamers still aren’t happy with Microsoft even though they reversed their decision on the the Xbox One’s DRM policies.¬†It’s unfortunate to hear that the Xbox One got booed Evo 2013, but the responsibility falls on Microsoft to deliver an adequate message to the consumer and they didn’t. I’m not the biggest Xbox fan at the moment and I’m not planning on getting the Xbox One so to hear Microsoft getting booed isn’t that surprising.


0 thoughts on “Xbox One gets booed at Evo 2013 over Killer Instinct exclusive

  1. Not really a Killer Instinct fan, but this one look interesting, I would buy it if it was also on PC. I also will not buy the XBoxOne80, I’m a Sony Guy and I tend to keep my eyes more to them than Microsoft, like the XBox 360, but now I kind of regretting getting one, I prefer to play all my games on my PS3, as well the PS4, with that said, he is my thoughts of the situation. Whether I like the company or not, what happen was “messed up” no one deserved that, props to the employees for doing there job even with the hecklers. I understand what MS did was a “cluster f***”, but they don’t deserve this. We’ll see what happens next.


    1. Eh. I know it shouldn’t but MS getting booed kind of makes me smile. They DO deserve it even if the guys on stage didn’t.

      Xbox One is fighting such and uphill battle and its 100% their fault for ignoring MONTHS of warnings that gamers were not going to be happy with their plan.

      They wanted to dump the policy on us days before E3. They cancelled their one on one interviews. They tried to hide behind their games. They banked on Sony taking the brunt of the bad press during E3 as they assumed Sony would follow suit. When that didn’t happen they waved the mystical creature “The Family Share Plan” in our faces and only after seeing their preorder numbers did they change course.

      Their tactic of “do a bunch of shitty things and wait and see” was ridiculously transparent.

      I’m an Xbox fan and have been since the first Splinter Cell, so this isn’t coming from place or bias. It’s coming from a place of anger at the audacity that they tried to pull this.


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