Sony banking on PlayStation 3 install base to last in face of PlayStation 4

Sony has a very large install base for its PlayStation 3 console. This is very helpful in that the majority of PlayStation 3 owners will undoubtedly buy the PlayStation 4. This news has Sony excited to know that the PlayStation 3 will be around for a long time to come even after the PlayStation 4 has launched in November. If you all remember, the PlayStation 2 saw strong sales numbers after the PlayStation 3 launched and Sony is hoping lightning will strike twice. With the PlayStation 4 priced lower then its competition and pre-orders selling out, Sony is banking that their next gen console will see high sales numbers around the world.

“Achieving a strong install base is always very, very important in a console’s life”, explains Feral Gara, VP of Sony Computer Entertainment. “And we’ll be as focused, if not more focused, on that this time versus any previous generation, in particular starting with an attractive price-point that’s going to help us on that journey. So we’re delighted we’re looking in good shape on that front”.

It wasn’t until January 4, 2013 that Sony discontinued sales of the PlayStation 2 twelve years after its initial launch. With the strong line up of PlayStation 3 titles that will be released through the end of 2013, the Destiny: GuardianPlayStation 3 isn’t going anywhere. The system has a strong library of games and a strong line up of titles slated for 2014 release like Murdered: Soul Suspect and Destiny to help carry it into the new year. Unfortunately that list of 2014 titles isn’t that long, but there is technically nothing to worry about as developers will support the PlayStation 3 console for as long as Sony and consumers do.

With the PlayStation 4 coming out and it’s lack of backwards compatibility, I’ll have to keep my PlayStation 3 to get all the games that are launching in 2014. It’s also in my best interest to hold on to it a bit longer for the list of games I still have. And while Sony is talking about how Gaikai will let me play my PlayStation 3 games, I’m not convinced that the service will play as smoothly as they want it to.

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  1. I agree with Sony, this happened with the PS and PS2, I can feel that it will happen as well with the PS3. I’m still disappointed that PS4 is not bk compatible, I also understand why, perhaps, an add-on device, maybe…


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