Johnny Gat is alive and well in Saints Row IV (Updated)

Stop the presses! After a whole day of announcing all the voice actors who will be present in Saints Row IV, it seems as though there’s one that might’ve been deliberately omitted. Today, Deep Silver sent us a poster that is sure to delight fans of the series: Long time 3rd Street Saint Johnny Gat is BACK!

Johnny Gat last appeared in Saints Row: The Third and helped The Boss escape Philippe Loren and the Syndicate in the game’s exciting introduction. The rest of the Saints believed Johnny Gat to be dead after the events that transpired, going as far as to have a funeral done in his name (along with other merchandising opportunities), but the poster implies above all else that he’s still alive and still kicking ass.

Personally, given that Saints Row: The Third was my first time with the series, I was saddened by Johnny Gat’s death since he was such an awesome character. Now that Deep Silver has all but mentioned why he’s back, the trifecta of actors and characters to send off the Saints Row series is now complete. What do you think of the return of Johnny Gat?

UPDATE! Deep Silver confirmed that Daniel Dae Kim is coming back to reprise his role as Johnny Gat! THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE!

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