PlayStation Plus Update for 7/16 – Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio on PlayStation 3 is free this week on PlayStation Plus. Jet Set Radio was previously free on PlayStation Vita through PlayStation Plus, and owning both does get you Cross-Save capability, though only the save game in slot 1 will be Cross-Saved to both systems. Something to keep in mind if you do own both versions, is that trophies will not unlock through cross-save; you’ll have to perform the tasks that unlock each trophy directly on the platform you need to the trophy for. This is unlike other Cross-Save titles, such as SoundShapes, but this is likely because Cross-Save was patched into Jet Set Radio after the game’s release.

This week’s discounts include 20% off preorders of any of the games featured in the PSN Play promotion. Those 4 games are Ducktales Remastered, Stealth Inc. A Clone In the Dark,  Cloudberry Kingdom, and ibb & obb. Sorcery and Carnival Island, two PlayStation Move titles, will be discounted to $5, Datura will be $2.50, and Draw Slasher for Vita will be just $3.19.

The Cave will be leaving PlayStation Plus, so grab it while you can.


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