Microsoft confirms that Xbox One games can be played while downloading

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One owners can officially play their games on the console as they are being downloaded from Xbox Live. During the Xbox One press conference, Microsoft stated that all disc based games must be installed onto the console and that gamers will be able to play those games while they are being installed. What they didn’t mention is if the same would apply to games downloaded from Xbox Live and now it has been confirmed.

Playing games while they install is also available on the PlayStation 4 as well. Sony did a better job at getting this message across to gamers during their press conferences regarding the PlayStation 4’s specifications and capabilities. Microsoft hasn’t been as forthcoming with the same type of information, that’s why this information is being announced again today. We already know that when it comes to delivering a coherent and clear branding message about the Xbox One, Microsoft has dropped the ball. They failed to explain why their stringent DRM policies were necessary and thus were forced to undo them due to consumer outcry. The message Microsoft did manage to get across regarding the Xbox One was the details regarding the family sharing plan and the ability to switch between live TV and video games seamlessly. The latter feature sounds cool, especially to me, but I don’t watch a lot of TV, especially when I’m playing games. When it comes to the family sharing plan, Microsoft made it sound like anyone in your circle (or octagon?) of friends could download and play to completion any game in your library.

When I saw the Microsoft Xbox One press conference, I liked it. That doesn’t mean that I’m buying an Xbox One… because I’m not. I haven’t been interested in the Xbox in general in some time now, which is why I got rid of my Xbox 360. Microsoft’s messaging has been less than spectacular lately and even though it’s not going to bite them in the ass, I may be done with Microsoft. They are going to have to do something truly amazing to get my attention again.

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