Nintendo Direct Mini for 7.18.13

The latest Nintendo Direct is hosted by Bill Trinen as he discuses the latest news for the 3DS and Wii U. Some of the games and features that will be discussed are saving screen captures with Image Share and sharing their houses via StreetPass in Animal Crossing. Nintendo Zone offers a type of StreetPass relay for those who visit Nintendo Zone hotspots allowing 3DS owners to transfer StreetPass info without physically being at that location. All they have to do is have visited that location once and their data will be passed via Nintendo Zone to the next 3DS owner that connect to the hotspot.

StreetPass also offers four new games that can be purchased in the Street pass Mii plaza for $4.99 each or $14.99 for all four. These titles include Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way and Monster Manor which were released last week. For those who have been waiting for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the 3DS game will available August 11 in stores and and on the Nintendo eShop.

Pikmin 3 launches August 4 for the Wii U and offers a multiplayer feature called Bingo Battle which allows players to pit their Pikmin against an opponent to see who has the stronger force. Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3 - Forestdoesn’t just offer a single and multiplayer modes but also offers players to share completion times, stat tracking and the number of Pikmin grown with online leaderboards.

The Wonderful 101 is an exclusive for the Wii U developed by Platinum Games and the developers will beĀ  at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. The game will be available September 15 and Nintendo will release more information through Nintendo Direct in the future. Other games that will launch after Wonderful 101 include The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD, Wii Party U, Sonic: Lost Worlds, Disney Planes, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D Worlds will all launch before the end of the year. Nintendo is also offering three new eShop games from third party developers. The first is a platformer called Cloudberry Kingdom from Ubisoft which has a random level generator and launches August 1. Next is Capcom Wonderful 101 - Giant Robotwith DuckTales Remastered which features all the original voice actors from the cartoon on August 13. Last is a new party game from Knap Nok Games called Spin the Bottle: Bumpies Party allowing between two and eight players to join in on the Wii U in August.

This Saturday and Sunday, July 20 and 21, Nintendo will be at several Gamestops across the US demoing Pikmin 3 for the fans.

Well, I guess I’ll finally be able to find out how Earthbound plays and what the story is about, since Nintendo has finally decided to release the game for the Wii U virtual console. It’s available now for $9.99.

0 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Mini for 7.18.13

  1. An interesting NDmini, atleast they are improving the Street Pass, unless you’re at a convention or theme park, Street Pass is kind of useless. I tried doing Street Pass by just bring my 3Ds where I go, but no avail, lol…, hopefully this will help.


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