2K and The Bureau developer diary

2K Games and 2K Marin have announced that due to overwhelming support and the fans’ desire for more information on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, 2K Games has created a series of live action videos that will be released tomorrow. These new videos are similar to the “Burn Room” trailer 2K created earlier.

This news was just released to the gaming public today, just one day after we posted the Last Defense video for The Bureau. We also received a new developer diary featuring Alyssa Finley, Vice President of Product Development at 2K Marin, and Nico Bihary, Senior Producer at 2K as they discuss some backstory, the finer points of the game and the decisions 2K made when creating The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Every game could use a developer diary and I’m glad 2K released one for The Bureau. I’m also excited to see what 2K did in creating their live action videos. Will these videos tell a good story to get more consumers interested in their game? If so, will someone eventually end up making a movie from this or even a TV show? I don’t think the script wouldn’t be that hard. Well, I’ll just have to wait for tomorrow and see how good these videos are.


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