Strider returns

Strider Hiryu makes his triumphant return to the gaming scene with his self titled game Strider. The game was originally launched in the arcade in 1989 as a side scrolling platformer released for the CP System arcade hardware by Capcom. The new Strider follows in those same footsteps taking place in Kazakh City, a large metropolis with ornate futuristic Russian architecture and high-rise buildings. Players will freely explore this 2D side scrolling adventure seamlessly traversing any and all obstacles in their way.

Strider’s combat style remains faithful to its roots with the same free-flowing lightning quick attacks he used to destroy the mechanized gorilla in the arcade version. The new game will offer a new array of weapons and moves Strider Hiryu will need to dispatch any foe he may come across. Players will slice their way across a massive world of with Hiryu’s indestructible blade, Cypher. This plasma charged weapon can change its properties for dealing with tougher enemies. Strider can also use his climb sickle to get past obstacles, throw kunai daggers, and call on support from allies when the going gets tough.

In an alternate Earth, the year is Meio: 048 and the Grand Master Meio has placed the entire planet under his iron-fisted rule. Little is known about this mysterious figure who employs cybernetic soldiers and bio-mechanical creatures to do his bidding. With the world under Grand Master Meio’s control, only one assassin can stop his. Strider Hyryu is a Special A-Class assassin and the youngest in the hellish Strider training program.

I remember dropping quarters into Strider in the arcades at the time. The game looked fun but was too tough for a young kid to beat. Strider is being developed by Double Helix Games in conjunction with Capcom and is scheduled for digital release in 2014 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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