PlayStation Plus Update for 7/23 – Metal Slug XX

PlayStation Plus is adding another PSP game, Metal Slug XX. Of course, this game will work on Vita. Metal Slug XX is a port of the DS game Metal Slug 7. You can also find Metal Slug XX on Xbox Live Arcade.

There’s not much to say about Metal Slug XX. It’s 2D, you run sideways, you shoot dudes, you get to drive sweet vehicles, and it’s hard. Metal Slug XX is the first Metal Slug to never see an arcade release. Metal Slugs 1-5 released on the Neo Geo, and Metal Slug 6 released on the Atomiswave hardware. All the previous games in the franchise are available in Metal Slug Anthology which released on PS2, PSP, and the Wii.

Metal Slug XX also has the distinction of being one of the few PSP games to offer DLC. You can purchase a 7th playable character, Leona, who comes from the King Of Fighters series. I wasn’t able to find this DLC in the Vita store, so you may have to buy it from the web-based store using the link I just provided.

The Benjamin’s Flight DLC for Thomas Was Alone will also be on sale through PlayStation Plus for $1.74. This is new content created for the PlayStation release of Thomas Was Alonea game that has given more personality to rectangles than I ever thought possible.

Germinator will be leaving PlayStation Plus tomorrow.


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