Bioshock returns with DLC

The Bioshock Infinite season pass has finally bore fruit for the consumers who have purchased it. The season pass will eventually include three pieces of DLC for $19.99 (4 if you include the Early Bird Special Pack that contains a couple of weapon upgrades, gold skins for those weapons and 5 Infusion bottles). If you don’t have the season pass or don’t plan on buying it, the first piece of DLC titled Clash of the Clouds will run you $5 and was released today. This first add-on has players facing off against 15 waves of enemies across four new maps spread throughout Columbia. This combat focused DLC will test players’ skills against Columbia’s most notorious enemies including Firemen, Handymen and the Motorized Patriot.

The second piece of DLC that will be released in the near future is titled Burial at Sea which is set in Rapture during its glory days. This add-on features an all new story allowing players to re-visit the under water utopia Andrew Ryan created. Players will have the opportunity to take control of Booker again and, for the first time, play as Elizabeth in this noir setting. Burial at Sea will come in two parts and cost $15 a piece, so the Season Pass is really the way to go if you plan on playing through both parts. If you wanted more Bioshock Infinite, then here it is. The Burial at Sea DLC offers players the chance to visit Rapture again which is something I am looking forward to.

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