Gamer Horizon After Hours E08 – Epicast

What’s up everyone? We missed a week, but we’ve made up for it with an EPIC After Hours podcast over two and half hours in length! That’s right, it’s what we’re calling an EPICAST!

This week’s conversation runs the gamut of Steam Cards (and Sean’s reaction to them), Ted’s OCD, Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, Dead Space 2Dragon’s Crown’s embargo, Phil Fish’s Twitter meltdown and a whole lot more.

So sit back, listen, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Intro and Outro music from Hypno Jam with Dan by Quicksand

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0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon After Hours E08 – Epicast

  1. Best podcast yet, good topic choices. First is about Phil Fish, it sound like this fellow is some sort of “douchebag”, I ask some ppl about him and pretty much, most of them dislike Fish. All I can say is Fish probably need a stronger backbone.

    I might consider getting Dragon’s Crown, it look interesting.

    I agree about Nintendo as of now, IMO they are out of touch in the gaming industry, maybe they should be:

    Nintendo: “Out of Touch Generation” or #OutofTouchGeneration …

    I like Nintendo or should I say I’m a Nintendo fanboy, just look at my YT channel and some of them are Nintendo games. I grew up with Nintendo and very loyal to it. When I got the NES, I wouldn’t get the Sega Master, SNES, refuse to get the Genesis, but when Sony came with the PS, I forgot about the N64 because it was the start of, IMO, the Out of Touch Generation. But I did come back to Nintendo when they had sales on the GBA and Pokemon R/S. Then bought the N64 and GameCube and once again Nintendo made me fanboy (but mostly a Sony Guy at this point on, cough FFVII). Bought the Will near launch and when Club Nintendo debut, I always get a platinum status, this is how big I am as a Nintendo fanboy, I just love Nintendo games.

    But now with the Wii U, even as a fanboy, Nintendo still didn’t give me a reason to get one. So far I still don’t have a Wii U until they lower the price. The price was a deal breaker for me, unless Nintendo willingly drop the price, I won’t get one. Just like Alex said in Ep. 121 where him and Anthony talked about Pikmin 3. “When your fans don’t want the Wii U at launch, there is something wrong there”, and I one of them, a Nintendo fans who refuse to get the Wii U at launch. Right now, Nintendo: Out of Touch Generation, The Nintendo games are good, but the price I really don’t agree. Here’s the deal, if Nintendo drop the price of the Deluxe set by at least $50, I will consider getting it and post it on Youtube. I feel that Nintendo is so backward, from production, online, and pricing. Maybe it just me, but it feels like the 3Ds situation. If Nintendo willingly do a price drop, I think they can move more Wii U, right now I’m sticking with the 3Ds, it’s good enough for me. IMO, Nintendo needs some new direction. Nintendo right now just frustrates me.

    I’m willingly on getting the PS4 because of its launch lineup, and some of them are new IPs, unlike Nintendo. Knack look interesting and the overall of the PS4 is worth keeping an eye on it.

    Anyway overall, this is so far the best podcast, right now my head hurts thinking about the Wii U and Nintendo.


    1. Thanks Louis! I think it’s our best one also. A bunch of guys just talking about games and whatever else comes up.


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