Tekken Revolution wants you to get wood with Mokujin Festival

Tekken Revolution is running a week-long event called the Mokujin Festival. In Arcade Mode, you’re guaranteed to face-off against your favorite wooden warrior, but the real draw is the new temporary mode called Mokujin Rush. Each day you log into Tekken Revolution, you earn a Mokujin Ticket which can be used to play the mode, and you can earn more tickets by playing online versus matches. Mokujin Rush is 8 battles against Mokujin, his steel buddy Tetsujin, or the golden don, Kinjin. Winning matches gets you tons of gift points. In fact, if you can best 200 Mokujin, you’ll have earned a total of 62,000 gift points from bonuses alone, enough to unlock 2 characters. With Dragunov and Hwoarang recently added to Tekken Revolution, this is a great week to knock the wood out and unlock some more characters.

Tekken Revolution is a free to play version of Tekken with somewhat simplified mechanics. Its free-to-play model evokes the arcades of yore, where you can buy additional plays instead of waiting for energy to recharge, and as long as you win, you keep your plays. Tekken Revolution recently added customization options such as costumes and attacks effects for a fee.

Tekken Revolution is a free download, and is only available for PlayStation 3.

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