The Bureau mini game HungoverX

If you like web-based mini games based on video games, then you will like 2K Games new offering titled HungoverX, which is based on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. HungoverX tells the story of Bill Carter, who is in no way related to alien ass kicker Bureau Agent William Carter. Bill is a video gamer and after an all night session of playing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Bill needs help getting to the office coffee machine. It is the player’s job to use Bill’s fellow employees to help distract the bosses so Bill can get that sweet nectar of caffeine. HungoverX is created in the same monochromatic live action style as the other videos that have been released to promote the game. The mini game portion brings up a radial menu that gives different distraction choices per co-worker. It’s an interesting diversion and is fun to play but making the wrong choice means starting over from the beginning. After running through the game, players may get bored of listening to the narrator go over the same story points again and again. I personally found the videos of Agent Carter more compelling and hope 2K Games brings those back soon. HungoverX is fun to play but I would rather watch Agent Carter take on the alien menace any day. To play the HungoverX mini game, click here and enjoy.


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