Suikoden Revival Movement: Operation Blinking Mirror

If you are a fan of the Suikoden series, you may have noticed that things have been very quiet lately. The last time a Suikoden game was released in North America was in 2008 in the form of Suikoden Tierkreis for the Nintendo DS, and though that was a respectable game in its own right, Suikoden VI it was not. Would you believe it has already been seven years since Suikoden V was released on the PlayStation 2? Personally, I love this series of games and I feel like Suikoden VI is overdue, and fortunately, I’m not the only one.

Since July 31st, 2012, the Suikoden Revival Movement has been following in the footsteps of the Suikoden main characters and forming an army, and they have grown far beyond 108. As I write this they are 13,691 strong, and they are determined to do everything they can to get Konami to make the next game in the Suikoden series. They have some other, more short-term objectives as well, such as the release of Suikoden II on the PlayStation Network, but that’s really just a stepping stone towards Suikoden VI.

To that end, the Suikoden Revival Movement has announced two events on Facebook. The first is scheduled for December 15th in order to coincide with the release of the original Suikoden. On December 15th, 2013, in order to send a Statement to Konami, the Suikoden Revival Movement is encouraging everyone to purchase the PSN version of Suikoden. Their hope is that the unusual high sales on that day will not go unnoticed by Konami, and that it might encourage them to revisit the series or at least release Suikoden II on PlayStation Network.

Their second, more ambitious event is Operation Blinking Mirror, and is the next major phase of their campaign. Here are the details:

Blinking Mirror - Suikoden
In the Suikoden series, the Blinking Mirror is used to instantly teleport to the home base.

What is it?
Operation Blinking Mirror is the next major phase of the Suikoden Revival Movement’s campaign. Between December 10th and December 12th 2013, participants are encouraged to send Konami Suikoden-related materials.

What exactly can I send?
Anything you want, as long as it showcases your love for the Suikoden franchise. It can be anything from a simple letter to artwork to arrangement CDs to cosplay photography to even a sculpture. We encourage you to let your creativity flow and utilize whatever skills you have as you see fit.

Where should I address my submissions?
All submissions are to be sent to KCEJ, Konami’s primary gaming branch in Japan. A specific address will be posted at a later time.

If you love the Suikoden series, this is a perfect opportunity to let Konami know about it. If all goes well, we may one day get to play Suikoden VI. If not, at the very least the community will be strengthened and there will be a ton of new fan art and other creative projects representing the series. I wish the Suikoden Revival Movement the best of luck in their campaign, and if you are any kind of fan of the series or RPGs in general, I encourage you to consider supporting them.

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