On The Horizon: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

A brand new week is upon us again here at Gamer Horizon, which means another brand new On The Horizon! This week is very special to the whole crew, not just because of all the awesome games coming out this week, but also because we’ve finally relaunched our website complete with a new redesign! To celebrate this occasion, I actually wrote a five part behind-the-scenes feature on the various ideas and features that the new website has for you. So be sure to check that one out!

In any case, let’s get on with the games!

Yesterday, the long awaited Mario & Luigi: Dream Team came out for the 3DS. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the first Mario & Luigi RPG to appear on the 3DS and the fourth Mario & Luigi game developed by AlphaDream. I’m not going to waste space talking about the plot here for fear of spoilers, but here’s a trailer for the game in case you didn’t pick it up yesterday.

Also going to be released this week is WayForward’s HD remake of the classic NES game DuckTales, titled DuckTales Remastered! The remake features full voice overs by the original cast, brand new fluid animation, and a selectable difficulty setting for new and old fans. Jake Kaufman, a long time WayForward collaborator, is lending his musical talents in remixing the old tracks and many of the game’s artwork was actually done by former Disney animators who worked on the TV series for a while. While I envy my colleagues for getting the sought after golden NES cartridge of DuckTales (which were commissioned by iam8bit, FYI), I’ll be content once I pick up the game tomorrow on PSN. Here’s a trailer for the game.

Last but certainly not least is Payday 2, the sequel to Payday: The Heist. In case you don’t know, Payday is a series of first person shooters focused on a team performing bank heists and robberies. The sequel is said to improve upon the original’s gameplay and has had so much hype backing it that the publishers over at 505 Games revealed last week that they’ve actually made money off of the preorders! Here’s a trailer for the game, should your interest be piqued.

In terms of content this week, Ted will be doing yet another episode of Roundhouse Roundup as well as a review of Papers, Please, Lucas Pope’s Eastern European bloc immigration booth management game. I’ve been playing this a little myself, and it’s probably one of my favorite indie games this year. Sean will be writing about the ludo-narrative consonance of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which has been receiving rave reviews including from Sean himself. Ari will be… writing something, but whatever he writes I’m sure it’ll be good. Maybe it’ll be things he’s looking forward to for Final Fantasy XIV? Maybe it’ll be something different? Who knows. Only he knows. And finally, I’m going to be finishing up the rest of the “Welcome to the new Gamer Horizon!” features that I started to put up this morning. So keep an eye out for that throughout the week!

Are you getting any of these games? Or will you be saving your money for the onslaught of titles that we coming within the next week or so? Sound off on the comments below and tell us what you think!

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