Welcome to the new Gamer Horizon!

Welcome to the brand new Gamer Horizon website! We hope you like what you’re seeing so far, and we hope you join us in the next coming days, weeks, and months as we deliver the best video game content on the Internet to date! We wanted to kick off the launch of our brand new site with something special for you to check out: A behind the scenes look at some of the exciting ideas and innovations that the new website has.

When we began writing this feature, we quickly realized that one huge feature just wouldn’t cut it: We had to create a multi-part feature that would properly explain where we’re coming from and what the website means to not just the crew, but for you, our readers, and to all of us collectively, as gamers. With that said, we hope you enjoy our unique and intimate behind the scenes look at the making of the new Gamer Horizon website and hope that you enjoy the various new features that we’ve added just for you!

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