A Local Shop Owner’s Perspective: Games in Pakistan

Sometimes, we get too embroiled with the issues we’re facing in our country that we often don’t have enough time to even look at others and assume that what the media tells us are absolute truths. From time to time, we see Australia’s struggle to really understand what their 18+ ratings are all about, and often times we hear Europe’s frustrations with being some of the last people to get some really incredible JRPGs in their side of the world.

Yet while these regions have been quite the hot topic in gaming as of recent years, no one really ever talks about gaming in other cultures. Take Pakistan, for example: It’s easy to assume that there’s always something going on in the country, with the uneducated perhaps thinking that there’s fighting everywhere just like in the countries featured in the Call of Duty titles, primarily because “it’s around that area.” But the truth is that Pakistan probably has one of the deepest gaming communities and enthusiasts just as any nation.

Karam Elahi over at our friends at SpawnFirst wrote a very interesting article about what it means to be a game store owner in Pakistan. If you’re ever a bit curious about video gaming in other cultures, I’d definitely recommend giving his article a read, as it’s quite eye opening and surprising at the same time.


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