Morrigan plays significant role in Dragon Age: Inquisition but not with you

Morrigan returns to Dragon Age: Inquisition as a non playable character. Bioware’s Mike Laidlaw confirmed to Game Informer that Morrigan will not join the player’s party but will play a significant role in the game. Bioware writer David Gaider explains, “she has this big plot she’s involved in, and while that’s true to an extent, I’m taking her to a human place. That will make sense after the fact.” To hear that Morrigan plays a significant role in Dragon Age: Inquisition is interesting as she played a big role in Dragon Age: Origins as well and even had her own DLC titled Dragon Age: Origins: Witch Hunt.

I played through Dragon Age: Origins and loved every minute of it. I also romanced Morrigan throughout the game and it wasn’t easy. At the end of Origins, Morrigan goes off on her own, leaving the party and the player wondering where she went. In the Witch Hunt DLC, Morrigan returns two and a half years later seeking the player’s aid in stopping another blight before it gets started. The player hears news that a strange woman has been seen in the Southern Wilds where Morrigan was recruited in Origins. Upon investigating the rumor, the player finds out it is Morrigan and she eventually goes on to tell you where she was and what she had been doing. At the end of the Witch Hunt DLC, my character rekindled the romance with Morrigan and they both went off together.

All this talk is making me want to play Dragon Age: Origins again. That game was so much better than Dragon Age 2 which started off good, but the story and game locations became redundant and predictable as the game went on. It’s good news that Morrigan is returning and I can’t wait to see what lessons Bioware learned after the debacle that was Dragon Age 2.

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