Telltales’ The Wolf Among Us to premiere at PAX Prime

If you probably haven’t heard of this game, you probably should. Telltales’ The Wolf Among Us is a game that’s based on the comic series titled Fables written by Bill Willingham. The Wolf Among Us will tell the story of Bigby Wolf (aka Big Bad Wolf), the sheriff of Fabletown whose job is to keep the town’s peace and order in check. The Fables are the mythical fair tale creatures from story books and legend who were forced to leave their world and now live in hiding in New York. With all of their powers in tact, it’s up to Bigby to try and keep the peace.

Telltale will be premiering The Wolf Among Us at PAX Prime on August 30 through September 2 in Seattle WA. Attendees will get a first hand look at the game and how it plays before its launch date. Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us will launch sometime after PAX on XBLA, PSN, PC, and Mac from the Telltale online store.

Hearing that Telltale is making Fables into a game got me interested in seeing what it will look like. I really liked what Telltale did in The Walking Dead and a story like Fables couldn’t be in better hands. After watching the trailer and seeing what Telltale did, I’m more interested in playing the game now than I ever was. The video not only looks good but there also seems to be some sort of mystery going on that Bigby has to solve. It’s clear that Bigby is doing more then just keeping the peace in Fabletown.

Telltale has the perfect formula for creating episodic video game content as The Wolf Among Us will fit in with their other episodic titles like Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, Sam & Max: Save the World, Back to the Future: The Game, The Tales of monkey Island, The Walking Dead, Wallace & Gromit’s: Grand Adventure, Puzzle Agent, Hector: Badge of Carnage, Law and Order: Legacies and Strong Bad’s: Cool Game for Attractive people. That’s a lot of episodic games. Go to Telltale’s website and check them out for yourselves.

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