Atlus publishing AquaPazza in America, Author confused

AquaPazza is a fighting game that stars character from three of developer AquaPlus’s games. They make dating sims, including one you actually might have heard of: To Heart. Naturally, since these games have zero recognition value, Atlus is publishing AquaPazza in America, only for PlayStation 3, for $29.99. It’ll be out later this year digitally, and as a physical release.

Again, you’ve probably never heard of these characters. Project Diva F at least has Hatsune Miku, which has a lot of name recognition among core gamers and anime fans. I am really surprised this game is actually coming out in America. I saw it played at Evo, and I thought it looked neat, but there’s a ton of games with a similar look, like Vanguard Princess, Melty Blood, or Chaos Code. I wonder how it will do in America; I’m willing to bet the licensing costs were small.

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