SteelSeries intros new 7.1 Siberia Headset

At GamesCom, SteelSeries introed a new headset in their high-end Siberia line of computer headsets. The Siberia Elite features 7.1 virtual surround sound using Dolby Technology, which not only upconverts 5.1 to 7.1, but uses Dobly Pro Logic to upconvert stereo to 7.1 channels.

As usual with peripherals, it’s always the small details that hook me. I’ve fallen in love with the memory-foam earbuds in my SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pros, and both the ear cushions and headrest are made out of memory foam. I also really like that there’s a port in the right ear-cup that lets someone else plug their headphones in and listen as well. It’s also using the same rubber cord as the Flux In-Ear Pros that they claim is tangle free, and I can personally back up that claim. It also uses the swappable cable system that the Flux In-Ear Pro uses, and can use a single 3.5″ stereo input, Pink/Green headphone and microphone PC inputs, or USB. It also can glow in any color in the visible spectrum, and can even pulse to the audio of your game, which is great when you are trying to show off and show others that they are subhuman scum.

I also really like the microphone features which can dynamically raise or lower the volume of your voice, and also perform noise-cancelling so that only your voice is picked up. I hope it cuts out those annoying crunch sounds I made when I am eating.

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite will be available next month for $199.99 in white or black.

SteelSeries SteelSeries SteelSeries


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