Destiny’s newest ViDoc takes you Out Here in the Wild

Bungie, the former creators of all things Halo, have released a new video documentary for their next magnum opus, Destiny. The ViDoc, titled “Out Here in the Wild,” talks about the major priorities Bungie set for the game world, the characters, and the players when making Destiny. Their number one priority was to create a world players wanted to be in, explore, and come back to time and time again. Destiny will take players from Earth to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn and introduce them to strange areas and creatures they have never seen before.

The character classes Bungie will introduce in the game are the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Each will have their own unique abilities to dispatch enemies with. The characters class and race will also determine how that character develops during gameplay. Bungie has decided to go with a three weapon slot instead of the two weapon slot like in Halo to give the player more options when fighting. The slots will consist of the primary weapon slot for assault style weapons, the special slot for times when the player needs a sidearm, and the heavy slot when the player needs more fire power.

Destiny will offer a new way for players to tackle multiplayer events and interact with each other without matchmaking. Public events will pop up around the world and allow players to join without forming parties. The ability to join a public event and not have to ask to join or get help sounds great for someone like myself. I may not have a lot of people to call upon to go raiding or tackle public events and to just be able to complete those events with whoever happens to be there is cool. Perhaps new to this announcement was the acknowledgement of the presence of competitive multiplayer, which Bungie quickly moved away from in the video.

Bungie is creating Destiny so it has lots to offer every player. Whether its traversing the world to discover locations, taking on the competitive multiplayer or a public event, Bungie wants to ensure that there will always be plenty to do.

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