Roundhouse Roundup Episode 6

This week, there’s a bunch of new releases, and release announcements in fighting games. Some good, and some quizzical.

0 thoughts on “Roundhouse Roundup Episode 6

  1. Nice news, as for AquaPazza, from what I heard, it’s just an average fighting game with some famous Japanese franchise (in Japan) like To Heart 2, a date sim game, Tears of Tiara, some adventure game, I think, Comic Party, about Otaku. Anyway probably google it, you might find something.


  2. Alright, another Roundhouse Roundup! Two things: One, for someone who is relatively new to the fighting game scene, why does it seem that fighting game developers rarely release patches to balance their games once tiers are established? It’s 2013! Wouldn’t a more balanced game increase its long-term value/shelf-life?
    And two, clean your desk!


    1. I think developers are used to console development where there’s a cost to make every patch, and resources have to be allocated. The PC-centric moba movement is probably giving a lot of these console developers some pause. Also, Ultra Street Figher 4, for example, is being made because the fans still play Super Street Fighter 4.

      As for number two, Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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