When is the Xbox One release date?

November 15th is when Sony’s PS4, their next gen bid for living room and gamer domination, will launch, but we don’t yet know the Xbox One release date. With PAX Prime coming up, Microsoft has teased some surprises while at the same time saying they won’t be announcing new games. One can expect that now that Sony pulled the trigger first on the release date, that Microsoft is poised to do the same, and possibly this weekend.

Since it’s fun to play prognosticator, we decided we would each predict when the Xbox One will release and why:

Alex –

November 14. A day before PS4. In the previous gen, both the PS3 and Wii launched a mere 2 days apart from each other. Given that Microsoft has already cut down their launch countries, there’s a big reason for that–and it’s to ensure that they can get a launch day that’s ahead of Sony. Even if it’s a day before.

Ari –

Friday, November 22nd because it is a Friday and the same day Microsoft released the Xbox 360 in 2005.

Chris –

Microsoft will probably launch November 1st, two weeks before Sony’s PlayStation 4. Any closer and Microsoft hits too big of an overlap with consumers deciding to wait 1 more week. Microsoft will not launch the day before Sony. Microsoft will want that midnight launch extravaganza. Launching the day before could make consumers uneasy and more importantly make Microsoft look desperate. A two week launch window gives Microsoft the time to sell the Xbox One and gives consumers plenty of time to get paid again and decide whether to buy more Xbox One games or buy the PlayStation 4.

Ted –

It will be coming out on November 15. CBOAT from NeoGAF has posted some info as pertains to Xbox Customer Service Representatives, that their database will be updated on the 15th with new Xbox One related information. That or the 14th. Probably 15th though.

Sean –

I think Chris, Alex and especially Ted are way off on this one. During gamescom last week, Mircosoft updated their Xbox Wire with the full list of titles that will be on “launch day:”

“On launch day, you’ll be able to enjoy titles from a diverse range of global developers and renowned studios.”

They then proceeded to list 23 games that will be available on launch day including both Watch Dogs and Need For Speed: Rivals, with both releasing on the 19th of November. Kind of hard to have both games available “on launch day” if launch is any sooner. Some have said that the release dates for Watch Dogs and Need For Speed: Rivals haven’t officially been announced but I highly doubt, and nor should anyone who has their eyes open, that Ubisoft and EA will release next versions of the game ahead of their current gen versions. So there you have it, I think it will be released on the 22nd of November.

Let us know your predictions in the comments below and be sure to check back again after the date is announced to see which of us was right?

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    1. I definitely don’t. Plus from what I gathered what CBOAT was referring to was the date that Xbox support was going to get the information for Xbox One. Generally there is some lead time for the staff to get familiar with the information. They won’t say “Xbox One launches today. We might get phone calls. Here is what you tell them. Go!”


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