Carpe Fulgur reveals their secret project

Carpe Fulgur is a small indie publisher, best known for Recettear, which is available on Steam. They also released two other games, Chantelise and Fortune Summoners.

Then they dropped off the face of the earth, talking less and less because of a mysterious “Project Four” that they couldn’t talk about. Was it vaporware? No one really knew for sure until today, when the identity of Project Four was revealed.

Project Four is Trails In The Sky: Chapter Two, and it is being published by XSEED for release on PSP and Steam next year. Notwithstanding that this means the PSP will see at least one new title in 2014, Trails In The Sky: Chapter Two is probably one of the largest translation projects ever. Not to mention, XSEED is basically nine people, in total. Carpe Fulgur, while being a small team, have shown they have quality translation chops, and business savvy to boot.

Trails In The Sky: Chapter One came out in 2011, and ends on a cliffhanger. It’s been assumed for years that, given the difficulties in translating the first chapter, and that the second chapter is even larger, we would never see this game in America.

Carpe Fulgur’s Drake has a blog post you can read in the source link, which explains how the effort to release this game hasn’t been a straightforward process. Suffice to say, Carpe Fulgur has been very busy these past few years, but now we can be very excited for what they are working on. Just note that Carpe Fulgur’s servers are being slammed at the moment, and this blog post might not load for you.


Project Four: Trails in The Sky SC

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