New Vita gets colors, 1GB of space, LCD screen. Goodbye, OLED

Ted got super excited when Sony announced that there’s a new model for the Vita… so much so that he was talking up a storm on Hangouts about how he’s going to give Sean his Vita because of the new colors that came out. Maybe he should’ve paid more attention to the announcement…

Yes, the new Vita’s got great colors. Yes, it’s got better battery life. Yes, it’s got an internal 1GB of space.

No, it does not have a beautifully rich OLED display.



The new Vita will come with a 5-inch LCD display, much like the PSP, and I would surmise it’s to maintain its current cost while being able to add 1GB of internal storage on the device. Still, 1GB is nothing, given that most of the platform’s awesome games clock in at 3.5GB downloads.

Also, better battery life? I can leave my Vita on standby for days, compared to my original 3DS. But in case you need it, I guess it’s a feature of the new Vita.

So, dear readers, do you care about new Vita colors, better battery life, the new hotness that is the LCD display, or the awesomely vibrant and sexy OLED display? If you couldn’t tell already, my biases are towards OLED.

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