What’s Up Weekend for 9/20/2013 to 9/22/2013

Short version: We’re playing Grand Theft Auto V. Aren’t you?

Long version: Welcome to another What’s Up Weekend! I was expecting to say that it’s been an unusually slow news week with Grand Theft Auto V taking over the world, but there were some surprisingly juicy stories like the end of the Diablo III auction house and Sega buying Atlus. But really, Grand Theft Auto V is all anyone can talk about… that makes it all the more surprising that two of us don’t have any plans to play it this weekend. One of those is Chris who will be busy taking care of his grandparents this weekend, and the other is… well, find out below!

Grand Theft Auto V - Michael
Ari got off to a late start with GTA V, but that didn’t stop him from taking a moment to play some Tennis with Michael.


I didn’t get my copy of Grand Theft Auto V until Thursday, so this weekend I’m playing catch up if I can. That’s a big if though considering I’m still buried in boxes following last weekend’s move and I’ll probably have to focus on unpacking more than gaming.

Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor
For Sean, playing Grand Theft Auto V this weekend was preordained. There couldn’t possibly be anything more important to do.


Grand Theft Auto V came out this week. Why is this even a question?!?

(I’m going to a wedding on Saturday)

But GTA V came out this week! Who books a wedding the same week as Grand Theft Auto V?!???!

Grand Theft Auto V - Franklin
Two jobs and a wedding won’t stop Alex from getting his GTA V fix.


I’ll be attending a wedding on Saturday and working some hours in my other job. sigh But, I’ll be able to put in some hours in GTA V and maybe some much needed mobile/portable gaming time. I’m looking at you, Plants vs Zombies 2!

Killzone Mercanaries - Not GTA V
Wait a second… that’s not Grand Theft Auto V at all! Ted, what the hell?


I am going to the Long Beach Flugtag, and I MAY be going to StreetPass LA in the Pan Pacific Park. If I do, I’ll get to go hands on with the Nintendo 2DS. Also, more Killzone Mercenary. Just a tip, anyone giving that 6/10 in a review is out of their damn minds.


So that’s it for us. What about you? Got any big plans for the weekend? Playing any games? Let us know in the comments!

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