PlayStation Plus Update for 9/24: Rayman Origins

If you haven’t got Rayman Legends yet, PlayStation Plus might tempt you with Rayman Origins for Vita. While it doesn’t have multiplayer like its console brethren, the Vita version has some unique features that make it a perfect fit on the handheld. Hopefully you didn’t buy this during the Rayman sale a month or so ago, because now you get it for free.

So here’s this week’s sales:

  • Limbo (11.99, Cross Buy)
  • Worms Revolution ($7.50)
  • Lone Survivor ($11.69, Cross Buy)
  • Pinballistik ($3.99)

The Vita version of Machinarium will be leaving the PlayStation Plus instant game collection tomorrow, so grab it while you can. Next month’s list of games is a total mystery, but here’s hoping we get some parity with Europe’s list of games and get Far Cry 3.


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