New Wii U Feature is totally awesome

There’s a Wii U system software update. This was the second of two promised by Nintendo earlier this year. Go get it right now because there is a new unexpected feature.

Simply put, when you start classic Wii mode, you can opt to mirror output to the tablet. Now, this does NOT allow you to use the tablet to play Wii games. However, next to the front camera, on the left and right, are two IR sensors. That’s right, the Wii U Gamepad has a built-in sensor bar. This means that you can put the Wii U Gamepad in a stand on your desk, or somewhere else, and point a Wii Remote at it, or plug in a Classic Controller.

You can play¬†Xenoblade Chronicles¬†in bed now. This also means that original Wii virtual console games can be played on the Gamepad without the need to re-buy them. Again, you can’t use the Gamepad buttons to play them. Touching the screen or any button on the Gamepad will simply pop up an error message. However, this is still totally awesome and cool.

If there’s one weakness, you have to have your TV on until the Wii menu comes up.

Also, Wii games will output in surround sound now, if your Wii U is configured to do so.

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