Bioshock 2 drops GFWL for Steamworks

If you own Bioshock 2 on Steam, a large 3,3 GB patch downloaded for you today. This patch strips out all of Games for Windows live, and replaces it with Steamworks, giving you Steam Achievements to earn. It’s also finally added controller support. All previous DLC except for Minerva’s Den now comes with the game at no additional charge. Multiplayer is also improved with the ability to search for any game, without filtering by type.

Minerva’s Den costs $4.99. However, if you already owned Bioshock 2 on Steam prior to this update, you’ll find that you own this DLC at no additional charge. Big ups to 2K for doing this, and to Digital Extremes for this conversion.

EDIT: Since this post went live, Ari here at Gamer Horizon tried putting in the CD Key he got from a physical copy of the PC version to see if it would activate on Steam. It totally works. You’ll even get a free copy of Minerva’s Den.

SECOND EDIT: If you bought through the GFWL Marketplace, your CD Key you got with it also totally works on Steam.

0 thoughts on “Bioshock 2 drops GFWL for Steamworks

    1. Instead of installing it from the disc, open Steam, “Activate a Product on Steam,” and enter the game key. The old key will work on Steam and you can download the newest version that way. You won’t need the disc anymore.


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