There will be over 200 games at IndieCade

Turns out the initial estimates were low! 50 more games will be at IndieCade this year than originally anticipated, bringing the total to over 200! We will be on site in Culver City covering the show, so keep an eye on Gamer Horizon over the weekend and into next week for a ton of Indie goodness!

IndieCade Adds Additional 50 Games to the 2013 Festival

PlayStation® 4, Oculus Rift, More than 200 Titles, eSports Tournament Playable

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 3, 2013 –The thousands of festival attendees attending the 2013 IndieCade Festival this weekend,Saturday – Sunday, Oct. 5 – 6, 2013 in Culver City, Calif. will have more than 200 games to choose from.   In addition to the 36 finalists, there will be 77 more games selected by IndieCade, eight PS4 titles and an assortment of games on Oculus Rift, all playable.

 Other features of IndieCade include:

  • The first ever IndieCade eSports tournament
  • Exhibits from Sony, Nintendo, Ouya and Oculus VR.
  • Speeches from indie game developers including Jenova Chen (Journey)
  • Public discussions between game developers and industry luminaries as they play as well as share their thoughts on titles they’ve made

“Indies are experiencing a break-out year with unprecedented publisher support and a plethora of amazing titles,” said Stephanie Barish, CEO, IndieCade. “Every year our goal is to celebrate the very best indie games from around the world. With more and more developers submitting high-quality titles, we are thrilled to expand the footprint and the games at the IndieCade Festival.”

Tickets and wristbands can be picked up at the registration booth on the corner of Main Street and Culver Boulevard.Wristbands provide access to the fire station, all exhibited digital games, as well as the chance to participate in the live-action Big Games tournament, activities, workshops and the closing awards ceremony. Festival day tickets are still available for $20 at Brown Paper Tickets.

For more information, visit

About IndieCade:

IndieCade supports independent game development globally through a series of international events highlighting the rich, diverse, artistic and culturally significant contributions of indie game developers. IndieCade’s programs are designed to bring visibility to and facilitate the production of new works within the emerging independent game community. Annual events include IndieCade Festival, IndieCade East and IndieCade’s Showcase @ E3.

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  1. 5 days left for River City Ransom: Underground
    Please pledge with all your might in the same passion as you’re doing right now with Shantae and Hyper Light Drifter (did i mention RCRU has the composer of “Hyper Light Drifter” doing the music?)

    Please make sure it not only gets funded but also reaches all of it’s goals especially the $320k Wii U/3DS stretch goal


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