IndieCade 2013: [code] is a game tailor-made for me

At IndieCade, each member of the media gets a ballot to vote for their game of show. I submitted my vote for , a game that I would have never believed could exist if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

You play as a '@' character that traverses around lines of code. You're actually a memory leak, a rogue element that is fighting for the forces of good against the wicked computer system. At least, I think that's what the plot of is about. The available sample of playable online is a little vague on what's going on. However, as a little memory leak, you have some powers. You can manipulate the values of variables within code. Change the value of an integer variable, or flip a boolean value from false to true. You'll have to literally navigate through the lines of code to figure out how to complete the level, and then adjust variables as necessary until you've completed the level.

I admit that it has a limited appeal, and it requires the analytical proclivites of a programmer to be able to do well. However, as a programmer in my day job, I totally dig this. It's fun to try to find the right way to solve the level without making a mistake, summoning the enemy. Beating a level takes methodical and careful planning.

If you want to try out , click the link below to play the same demo that was featured at IndieCade.


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