IndieCade 2013: Edgar Rice Soiree is a great game you can never play

There are several games at IndieCade that are only possible at IndieCade. Due to the nature of the show and the people it attracts, there are experiences there that can’t be had anywhere else. I’ll be writing about a few of those, including the focus of this article: Edgar Rice Soiree.

There are 20 PlayStation Move controllers hung from the ceiling in¬†Edgar Rice Soiree¬†in a square pattern. Each has its light ball colored red, pink, blue, green, or is not lit. The game is to be played by 4 players, and each takes a move controller of his or her assigned color in each hand. The game begins and music starts to play. Every so often, accompanied by an audio cue, one or more of the controllers will change color. If it is one in the player’s hand, he or she has to find a wand in his or her color quickly, or they’re eliminated. Last one standing wins.

Edgar Rice Soiree was played at IndieCade 2013 during Night Games, which is run 8 PM to Midnight on Saturday of the IndieCade weekend. The flashing lights of the Move controllers served as beacons to those looking for something interesting, and crowds quickly formed. I wish I had another opportunity to see or play this game, but I might not ever get one. That’s what strikes me as most special about this game and others like it; since you can’t ever own it, you can only hope and wait that it might come around in some festival or installation.

It’s a simple idea, but one that’s worth taking a look at. Sadly, the link below leads to the only video I could find of it.


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