Arkham Series on PC has GFWL Removed

Bioshock 2 was the first game to have Games for Windows Live stripped out, and right on the cusp of Batman Arkham Origins’ release, both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are now GFWL-free. Owners of the games on Steam will find that they have been upgrades to Game of the Year editions of both titles, regardless of whether they owned any DLC or not. Owners of retail copies and digital copies from other merchants should just need to enter their CD Key to redeem the Steam version.

Both games have also added Steam Trading Cards, which softens the blow of the fact that old saves will not be compatible with these new versions. You’ll need to start fresh.

Both games are 75% off on Steam to celebrate this.

0 thoughts on “Arkham Series on PC has GFWL Removed

      1. That, and the fact that it shuts down on July 1 and no games that still use it will be able to, you know, work. That’s why it’s important to see what happens with GFWL. I really wanna see what happens to Grand Theft Auto 4.


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