Gamer Horizon After Hours E12 – IndieCade and Steam Machines

With no Sean in tow, the Gamer Horizon crew of Alex, Ari, Ted, and Chris tackle the goings on in the past month. What’s in store for this week’s podcast? IndieCade 2013 and Valve’s plethora of Steam related announcements including SteamOS and Steam Machines. Curious as to what we think of all of Valve’s announcements as well as what won our hearts and minds at IndieCade 2013? Download the latest episode of the Gamer Horizon After Hours podcast and find out for yourself!

Intro and Outro music fromĀ Hypno Jam with Dan by Quicksand

Download this episode!

0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon After Hours E12 – IndieCade and Steam Machines

  1. Nice discussion, you better come with a new podcast in 34 days, lol. Anyway as for next gen, I plan to get a PS4 and maybe a Wii U, but not the “XBoneOne80”, which makes the most stupidest idea ever knowing that it will pissed their fan base. Sony for me like always since PSOne.


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