What’s Up Weekend for 10/18/2013 to 10/20/2013

It’s Friday! It’s the weekend! What else is there to say? Let’s find out what everyone in the crew’s doing, shall we?

Grand Theft Auto V
Sean wants more chievos in Grand Theft Auto V!


I have no real plans, thankfully. Hopefully I’ll play through The Wolf Among Us and get some more Grand Theft Auto V achievements. Other than that, a quiet weekend at home with my girlfriend and the dogs.

Pokemon X
Ari’s into Pokemon now, but Ted isn’t? Not surprising…


This weekend I’m really hoping to be watching a Game 7 between the Dodgers and the Cardinals… The Cardinals are leading the series 3-2 going into Game 6, which should be live around the same time this article posts. I know, I know, sports… not usually my thing, but gotta root for my local team when they get this far! Beyond that, I’ll be trying to catch a few hundred more Pokemon in Pokemon X. I think there might actually be too many of them at this point!

The Wolf Among Us
I’m almost done with The Wolf Among Us Episode 1. Will Chris catch up?


I’m helping some family move some furniture on Sunday. Hopefully, it won’t take all day. I don’t know when I’ll start playing The Wolf Among Us, but I’ll get to it eventually.

The Stanley Parable
I’ve absolutely no idea what The Stanley Parable is, and I’m not really sure I’m inclined to know what it is.


I just picked up The Stanley Parable. I don’t know how far I am in it. If there is an ending. If it matters, or if it doesn’t matter. I think I have to keep playing it. I don’t know when I get to stop. Or if I am supposed to stop.

Buy this game.

The Wolf Among Us
This scene felt good. Really good.


I’m going to be attending a venue at some club tonight with some close friends then, tomorrow, Disneyland! Like most of the crew, I’ll be playing The Wolf Among Us. I feel like I’m almost done, having gotten several trophies already, so I’m sure I can deliver on a review next week.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone! Are you ready for the coming of the next generation of gaming? It’s arriving in less than a month!

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