On The Horizon: Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut

After the announcement of both Driveclub and Watch Dogs being delayed last week, it’s tough to see what else is coming up in the next few weeks that’s not either a Call of Duty: Ghosts or a Battlefield 4. But if this week’s releases are any indication, there’ll be things coming out in the next few weeks that will be completely under the radar for a lot of folks. Fortunately, this is where On The Horizon comes in!

This week’s biggest title is none other than the long awaited Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut. First announced as a Wii U exclusive, Square Enix has since changed their mind and ported the game onto other platforms. When the game came out, people complained that there were sections of the game where you really couldn’t play it the way that you wanted it to be, which was one of the hallmarks of the Deus Ex franchise. The Director’s Cut fixes all of this and improves upon the gameplay and visuals of the original. Here’s a trailer for the Wii U version of the game and some of its new features.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst. It’s another Naruto game. If you’re a fan of it, it IS coming out this week… but I’m not really familiar with the series, so I really can’t add anything more than what I’ve already said. Maybe this trailer will clear it up…

LEGO Marvel Superheroes comes out this week too! If you’ve loved all the other LEGO titles, then you’ll really enjoy this mish mash of Marvel Superheroes and Villains! You can’t have too much LEGO, as this trailer demonstrates:

There’s a new version of Rocksmith coming out this week as well. Called Rocksmith 2014, Ubisoft’s keeping the dream of music games alive! Will it turn you into a rock star? Go and check out the accompanying trailer below!

This week on Gamer Horizon, we’ve got a review of The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 coming as well as a review of Disgaea D2. I hope you guys like reading, because Ari’s Disgaea D2 review is going to be quite the soliloquy! Ted’s also going to share his personal experiences with the Pokemon series, ultimately winding up talking about the brand new Pokemon X and Y, and we’ll have our usual articles from Chris and Sean throughout the week.

Thanks for checking out this week’s upcoming games and we’ll see you throughout the week on Gamer Horizon!

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