Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast EP15: PS4 ‘s 1080peas and Indecent Proposals

What’s up Gamers? This week on the After Hours Podcast, Alex is joined by Ted and Sean to discuss the latest gaming news, and what they’ve been playing. This episode the gang talks about the performance gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One and Sean tries to strike a deal with Ted.

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “Gamer Horizon After Hours Podcast EP15: PS4 ‘s 1080peas and Indecent Proposals

  1. Nice podcast, all I can say Sony probably once again take the console lead for this generation, but serious, these new console should go 1080p and 60fps without problem, perhaps it will happen on the long run.

    I also would like to add my thoughts about Ted’s situation about ban, basically whether the consumer is on the right, it really doesn’t matter to the employees, sadly to say, it’s within their right to kick you out or ban for their own protection. When an employee refuse service, sometimes they think it’s deem dangerous that they could loose their job and sometimes there are times when they got fired for doing their job, but that is part of the job. Any public company can’ t ban ppl, it’s a scare tactic. The best solution is file a complain to the higher ups. Just had to say that because I know how it feels when employees are uncooperative, to anyone of is offended to this, I apologize, but it had to be said.


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