Vita redesign coming to U.S. with Borderlands 2 packed in for $199

For $199, you can own the newly redesigned Vita that was released in Japan last year, along with Borderlands 2 and every single DLC that Gearbox has released for the game up until now (there’s six of them, if you’re counting)! The Vita version, which is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, will feature four player cooperative play and cross-platform compatibility with save data from the PlayStation 3 version. Iron Galaxy, the folks responsible for last year’s Divekick, is helming the port.

Now, there’s no word whether or not the new, slimmed down Vita will be released separately. There’s also no word how much Borderlands 2 for Vita will be sold for, but having the game packed with the system seems like a fantastic deal and a perfect game to play on the go. Makes me wish we had WiMax here in Los Angeles.

If you’ve been on the fence in getting a Vita, this is aimed directly at you. Personally, I’m enjoying the system and the fact that I can play PSOne, PSP, and Vita games is a huge plus. Is this bundle enough for you to pick this portable up?

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