Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U

Ubisoft announced today during their earnings call that Watch Dogs, one of their most anticipated games of this year, will be delayed on the Wii U. The news follows the announcement that Nintendo made during a recent earnings call that mentioned that they’ll be suffering a third consecutive annual loss of 34 billion yen following the poor reception and sales of the Wii U this past holiday season.

The publisher mentioned that all the other versions of Watch Dogs will still be released on time between April and June, but the Wii U version will “come at a later date.”

I’ve been critical of Nintendo for a long time now, but this really sucks. Perhaps the timing of the delay is coincidental, but this delay is another blow to a platform that’s in dire need of third party support and, in general, top quality games. And while it remains to be seen whether or not Watch Dogs can be considered top quality, owners of the Wii U will have to resort to getting the game on a different platform to play it.

0 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U

  1. Not a good sign for Nintendo, the prelude to this is that if the can’t work out the kinks on the Wii U version, then everybody knows what’s next, getting cancelled, i.e. Aliens: Colonial Marines. Real shame, sadly the reality is that “most gamers who buys Nintendo consoles only buy them for ‘Nintendo’ games only”. Unless Nintendo shape up, this will always going to happen.


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