Payday 2 free for PlayStation Plus members

Sony announced that tomorrow, Payday 2 will be dropping free for PlayStation Plus members. Yes, I know we stopped doing our weekly PlayStation Plus updates, but this is important given that we’ve talked about this on the site before.

Payday 2 is all about heists. You do them in the least amount of fuss and you win a bunch of money at the end. Now, this means that you need to have friends you play with who you can trust. Since it’s now free, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore, right? The last time I heard about this game a bunch of people would rather opt to trigger alarms, spawn the cops, and leave guns blazing. Of course, that also meant their take was lesser than what they could’ve had. Sadface.

I know it doesn’t make sense for you to check out a review of a game that’s perfectly free, but if you’re inclined to do so, Sean wrote a very informative Payday 2 review a few months back which explains why multiplayer is crucial in this game. Check it out!

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