After Hours Podcast EP21: Titanfall, lots of Titanfall

Another week, another After Hours Podcast! This week, the usual suspects, Alex, Ted and Sean sit down to discuss Titanfall, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes‘s value proposition, Sony’s VR headset Morpheus, Marc Whitten leaving Microsoft, and Ted and Sean try to talk Alex into trading in his WiiU to get a PS4.

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “After Hours Podcast EP21: Titanfall, lots of Titanfall

  1. Interesting discussion this time exception of Titanfall which I really don’t care. I have to say that Sean is a hero on this podcast and I agree 100% about length being part of the value. I’m in a group that length matter the most than anything else when buying a game and I am still disappointing that MGSV:GZ cost $30 for an 2 hrs demo, like Sean said, it should have been atleast for me $20. Granted that the game probably cost alot just to make and not profiting to the game doesn’t make sense, but sadly as consumers, “I” only care for the end result, not how much resource the put in or man power, just the end product that will it worth my hard earn cash and length the me is a very big factor when buying a game. If I don’t like it, then I vote with my wallet, best solution ever, and if they disappear, that’s on them, not the consumers. Hopefully this will not become a trend of selling a glorified demo.

    For Decapre, all I can say is, it really showed how poor Capcom is that they can’t even afford to create an original character. Ang lahat ng maaari kong sabihin ay, Capcom ay napaka mahihirap.

    What’s next, Capcom uses the El Fuerte model, change his skin tone lighter, change his head model making look like an American and call him “Daniel”, his bio is an light Heavyweight wrestler who never gives up and that one day he will be a champion, his winning quote can be “yes, yes, yes!”.


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