After Hours Podcast EP22: Alex gets a PS4

What’s up gamers? Welcome to another edition of the After Hours Podcast. This week we celebrate Alex’s maiden voyage into current gen hardware with the PS4. We also talk about Infamous: Second Son, and news bombshells like Facebook purchasing Oculus Rift.

Intro and Outro music from Cocainium by Baroness

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0 thoughts on “After Hours Podcast EP22: Alex gets a PS4

  1. I’m upset that SCEA won’t consider to bring the PSVitaTV, I guess I’ll just get the Slim, minus Borderland 2. As for OculusBook, I think it good that now Oculus have financial resource, but will Facebook get involve even they stated they won’t, look at Disney and Marvel, Avenger Assemble, Agent of SMASH, and Ultimate Spider-Man, enough said. Right on Sean, I it’s called customer’s gratitude, I also get that that, just hopefully you get a nice employee, because not everyone know that as a standard in business. Last thing I would like to say, is Ted rich or something?


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