Suikoden Revival Movement: Operation Flaming Arrows

The Suikoden Revival Movement has announced their next campaign event, and this time instead of appealing to Konami directly, they are taking aim at Sony via a Twitter campaign. Here are the details.

Today, we are pleased to announce our next campaign event; Operation Flaming Arrows! For this event, we’re be taking the fight to Twitter with a target that may surprise some of you: Sony!

Sony has long been known having close relationships with their third party developers, and we intend to make use of that by sending them the message, “Please help Konami bring back Genso Suikoden!” In addition to the standard Sony Playstation accounts, the event will also target the accounts of the Sony execs who can help make the difference, including:

Gio Corsi (
Shahid Ahmad (
Shuhei Yoshida (

Join us on April 23th for this one-day-only event and help us show Sony the continued fan support that this great franchise still has!

Show your support for the Suikoden Revival Movement by “liking” them on Facebook and participating in their periodic events! As the movement grows, the likelihood of Suikoden VI becoming a reality increases!

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